Pink Products – this mothers’ day support the National Breast Cancer Foundation

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Ok, I promise this will be my last mother’s day focussed post (but hey isn’t mother’s day and products that give back a perfect  fit!) – but I will share a few more ideas on the facebook page if you are still stumped for ideas.

ysc-necessity-800aWell most of us have been touched in, one way or another, by breast cancer – whether as a result of our mothers, their friends or even our friends being diagnosed with it. I still remember quite vividly the struggle a friend of mine had with breast cancer – from just after her son was born until her passing away less than 10 years later and before she had even turned 40. She was an amazing, inspirational lady that endured so much and never complained. She even told me once that she was grateful that she had breast cancer as it gave her the opportunity to prepare her husband and children for her passing, more so that she could have done if she had died suddenly. You only had to observe the way in which her, then primary school aged daughter, spoke at her funeral to see how well she had done that. But I digress…

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Australia women – by 2015 on average 42 Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer each day – that’s right – each day!

Thankfully, if caught early, the survival rates are excellent. And as research continues those survival rates should continue to improve, hopefully one day there will be a complete cure. But detecting it early seems to be of prime importance – the increased awareness arising out of the activities of organisations such as the McGrath Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and events such as Pink Ribbon day, are leading to more and more women being diagnosed before the cancer spreads outside the breast.

To Ativan continue that progress funds are needed, funds that will help research the benefits of early screening, funds that will help identify better diagnoses and better treatments.

This is where we can play a part.

Most of us don’t have the financial resources to make large donations to organisations such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation but we can do more than buy a pink ribbon in October (22nd October if you want to diarise Pink Ribbon Day!).

This mother’s day you could buy  your mum a pink product! Many companies are selling ‘pink products’ and donating a portion of the sales to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Here are just a few products which I like …

Cuisinart Icecream Maker                         Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion           Keychain Lipsticks   Bobbi Brown

I am especially impressed  with Bobbi Brown which is donating almost 50% of the retail price of its limited edition lip gloss and lip stick set.

On a final note, and as a follow up to the facebook update – I have recently learnt that the sales of the Oakley Special Edition Sunglasses (pictured above) raised over $2 million for the Young Survival Coalition (which is  an organisation specifically focussed on providing eduction, resources and support for young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer).  If you ever wondered whether buying products that support a particular cause makes a difference, or whether it is just a marketing gimick , there is your answer – $2 million dollars that the Young Survival Coalition would not otherwise have had. Sure its a big tick in the marketing sense but …. really…. does it matter –  when the outcome is extra funds that can impact the lives of many many people?

So whether you ultimately buy a pink product this mother’s day or not, just take the time to consider the way in which you shop and whether there is a way you can consumer in a manner that will benefit others. Agree?

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