Rafferty’s Garden teams up with UNICEF to feed malnourished children

• July 6, 2012 • Comments (0)

Australian companies that adopt a ‘one for one’ type model are few and far between (if you come across any please let us know!). That’s why we were so pleased to learn about the fabulous partnership between Rafferty’s Garden and UNICEF’s Champion for Children programme. 

I’m sure any of you with little ones will know Rafferty’s Garden – they make baby food from 100% natural ingredients and no additives. Well now – for every two Rafferty’s Garden food sachets you purchase from its on-line store, Rafferty’s Garden will donate one Plumpy nut sachet to children in UNICEF’s care.

Plumpy nut is not some bizarre ground nut product – rather it is a nutritionally engineered products specially formulated with additional  vitamins and minerals for under nourished children. Children that are sometimes so malnourished Electronic Cigarette when they arrive in UNICEF’s care that they can’t stomach food at all.

So, while I’m sure all you yummy mummies would love to make all your baby and toddler food from scratch sometimes convenience simply wins out. My three kids didn’t have the option of 100% natural packaged products like those that Rafferty’s Garden makes – they had to eat out of those jars with the lids that popped and that smell  (you can smell it now can’t you – yuck!!) – but I would loved to have had the option to buy baby food that would help a malnourished child at the same time as providing me convenience.

What do (or did) you do when feeding your baby or toddler on the run – make your own or buy packaged food ?


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