Something to think about this Christmas ….

• October 13, 2012 • Comments (4)

10 weeks til Christmas! I know – surely not, but sorry folks it’s true. I actually love Christmas, I love the festivities, the time with family and friends and the giving of presents. This year the giving part is making me feel uneasy. I want to give but I am conscious that the people I am giving to probably don’t really need what ever it is I give them. So this year I am going to try to have an element of ‘giving back’ in every present I buy.

I know I won’t succeed – bit like that promise that I would always take my makeup off each night, or only have one chocolate biscuit from the packet – but I will try! I have discovered some great Australian sites which I will share with you over the coming weeks which will help you shop more gently and with a purpose. But first, a reminder as to why we should Provestra try to get more social bang for our buck.

At the same time that our kids are eyeing off remote controller helicopters and we (ie me)! are thinking about yet another a new pair of shoes for summer, there are others that are less fortunate.

Rather than quote a bunch of facts and figures that you may glaze over, look at these photos and then read DesignMom’s ‘dispatches from Ethiopia’ . Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom is one of the bloggers recently sent to Ethiopia by ONE International  to observe the impact of aid on the lives of Ethiopians.

I hope you agree with me – just a little bit of money can go along way. So, if you ever think that buying  Christmas gifts site that promise to donate a seemingly small amount don’t underestimate its impact. Share this message with others and if we all buy gifts that give back – imagine the potential impact!

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Comments (4)

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  1. Kelly says:

    Oh yes! Bring on the Christmas message of giving!

  2. Lisa Wood says:

    Such gorgeous photos.
    Last Xmas we purchased world vision gifts for family members – giving animals to those overseas who needed them. This year we are going to be doing the same only on a bigger scale – buying water!
    Its amazing how much “Stuff” we buy every xmas yet really do we need that many presents under the tree? I like the idea of giving something back.

    • Julie says:

      I hear you Lisa! We too have given from the World Vision Smiles catalogue – love the water idea – do you know about “thankyouWATER”? I did a post on it very early on in the life of nomorepastrami. It is about to launch its media campaign – keep an eye out for it. They are doing amazing things!

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